QSC has announced it is now a Global Presence Alliance (GPA) Accredited Vendor. The GPA was formed to help customers have one global source for all audio, video and unified communications solutions and is committed to delivering consistent, standardized services worldwide.

“We are very excited to be part of this exclusive group,” says Joe Pham, CEO of QSC. “We understand that our end user customers are looking to integrate global standards-based technology throughout their enterprise. However, with this desire comes unique needs in different regions. This partnership expands QSC’s global reach and provides our customers with the increased level of local support, design expertise and consistent user experience they are accustomed to. We look forward to serving our global clients and becoming an even more strategic partner.”

“QSC is a tremendous example of a traditional AV manufacturer making the transition into the converged digital reality of our market today,” says Byron Tarry, GPA Board President. “They are exhibiting great leadership and innovation, and have shown great alignment to the GPA’s goal and delivery model. We’re excited to add them to the growing list of market-leading technology vendors that are committed to a better, more efficient model for global delivery through the GPA.”