Qatar-based Darwish Technology has recently installed the Williams Sound’s Hearing HotSpot at Education City Mosque in Doha. This innovative listening technology was purchased through Nicolas M Kyvernitis Electronics Enterprises (NMK), Dubai-based distributor of Williams Sound and audio, video and communication equipment in the Middle East.

Considered to be the first major project for Hearing HotSpot in the region. Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies (QFIS) Mosque was looking for the transmission of multiple channels of audio signal coming from a simultaneous interpretation system. Darwish Technology proposed a WIFI solution rather than using conventional RF and IR solution.

Qatar Mosque 1Their design team had designed and configured the system for simultaneous interpretation of prayers conducted in Arabic language to multiple languages. Project management team made sure that the system is installed, tested and operated to the requirements of the client.

“Hearing HotSpot presented the exact full solution sought for this application. It’s a simple solution, straight forward application and compatible with most of the smart phones and tablets which made it an adequate solution for our inquiry”, commented Darwish Technology team.

The next-generation Hearing HotSpot technology features everything what is needed to stream multiple channels of audio in real time over an enterprise Wi-Fi network. Once a system is installed in a venue, the software license is activated by Williams Sound based on the number of channels at that venue.

Qatar Mosque 2The users can bring their own device either IOS or Android and by installing a free application of Williams Sound Hearing Hotspot from App Store or Google Play, they are able to listen to all the interpreted channels.

“Hearing HotSpot fulfilled the requirements of this project as intended. It was part of a translation system, where the floor language was transported to a remote interpretation center, and the translated signal was pushed back to the mosque on the same infrastructure. Hearing HotSpot takes this signal (multi channels) representing the different translated languages plus the floor language and distributes it wirelessly in the venue. It was an easy implementation and the result was more than satisfactory. This project was definitely a positive experience with the support of NMK and Williams Sound,” as described by Darwish Technology.