Q-SYS has released version 6.0 if its Designer Software – the simple yet powerful DSP software was created specifically to be both intuitive and easy to use, and allows users to create designs for the Q-SYS Integrated System Platform.
Without clutter or complicated multi-level menus, the software enables system integrators to focus their energy on building their audio system instead of labouring over a complex software learning curve.
Features include:

  • Hardware Support For Q-SYS Core 510i Integrated Processor – users can configure in Q-SYS Designer Software as “510i Processor Mode” for AV system processing, or “I/O 510i Mode” for a 128 x 128 channel expander
  • Hardware Support For I/O-8 Flex Channel Expander – the software provides an additional 8 channels of software-configurable I/O to any Q-SYS Core on the network
  • New Q-SYS Acoustic Echo Cancellation Algorithm – optimisation of far-end caller sound quality during conference calls, and the new algorithm has been completely redesigned from the ground up
  • Far End Camera Control – UVC camera control is enabled for far end Q-SYS PTZ-IP cameras (available on supporting soft codec applications)

Other features include emulation mode, third-party peripheral support and the software’s ability to be used with all Q-SYS Cores and peripherals.