PLSG keeps capitalising on this industry shift, and the huge market demand reflects the need for expansion at the 2020 edition from 19 – 22 February.

Pro audio products, technologies and solutions will be located in Area A, while lighting will be situated throughout four halls at Area B, showcasing professional lighting, stage technologies and equipment.

In addition, the thematic halls will further expand: the KTV Hall will be located in Hall 4.1 and 5.1, showcasing related products alongside theatre K pub and home entertainment elements for easier sourcing; the Audio Brand Name Hall will extend to five halls, while the Communication and Conference Hall will be located in Hall 3.2, and the Media Systems and Solutions Hall will expand to Hall 4.2 and 5.2.

Debut of Digital Media Lab
With the highlight of “Tech meets culture”, the new Digital Media Lab in Hall 12.2 will have a breakthrough in traditional exhibition, a series of digital installations and technologies through connecting with interactive exhibits.

Also, this fills the gap of exhibiting opportunities for the new media design and technology sector in China.

This entire hall will focus on multimedia design, emerging technologies and cross-industry collaboration with an experimental form of immersive experiences for audiences.

More extensive seminar programme compliments industry trends
Digital Media Stage and Acousto-optic Phantom Design Competition are highly anticipated fringe programme events.

PLSG will organise it together with Chinese online media giant Visual Jockey and international professionals from the performing art, digital art, cultural, tourism and landscape sectors will participate in the competition.

Next to that, the Digital Media Stage will showcase immersive content and technologies to demonstrate the creative possibilities, integrations and experiences of new formats in light, sound, visuals and art for audiences.

The signature annual PLSG Training Course will expand its topic coverage and discuss the technological challenges, applications, standardisation and future of the industry.

It will also support industry peers in upgrading themselves to keep up with the rapid development of the entertainment market.

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