Powersoft amplification has been chosen to drive the newly upgraded audio system at the Roppongi Hills development in Tokyo, which was originally constructed by building tycoon Minoru Mori.


After the careful deliberation, integration specialist for the project, Audio Brains, specified 5 Powersoft X4 DSP+D for the upgrade, which were carefully tuned to maximise the potential of the Martin Audio loudspeakers selected. A Symetrix Radius 12×8 was selected to feed the signals to the amps via Dante in order to ensure clear, pristine sound delivery with no loss of signal.

Using Powersoft’s specialised control software, Armonía, alongside the amps, all of the output signals can be optimised and the limiters adopted properly.

A unique feature of Armonía is Operator View, which can help engineers during their daily operation of the audio system by enabling remote control from a smart phone, tablet or laptop, and using custom interfaces to control the gain value of any outputs.

This tool also helps engineers to monitor the condition of the system all the time.

Mr. Sato, who was in charge of the audio side of the project, commented: “The latest installation has served as a solution to many compromises that were made here in the past. The new system has changed this situation. We are very happy with the performance of the Powersoft X4 amplifiers.”

“The output capability of the amps allow us to maximise the powerful, clear sound from the PA system, and being able to tune it perfectly using the Armonía software was invaluable. We now have control of the system’s output in all outdoor areas, adopting individual EQs and delay settings to create the best possible sound everywhere in the venue.”

Editor’s Note: In November 2018, SI Asia reported that Martin Audio loudspeakers were selected for this project, the following article is an extension of that.