PK Sound Appoints New Vice President of Global Business Development


PK Sound has named industry veteran Paul Freudenberg has as its new VP of Global Business Development.

He will be responsible for managing global sales and marketing as a key part of PK’s executive management team, providing valuable insight and experience to guide future growth, products and expansion.

PK Sound CEO Jeremy Bridge cited Freudenberg’s experience in helping to grow the brand footprint of other speaker manufacturers globally, as well as his in-depth familiarity with the latest technologies, as key reasons for bringing Freudenberg on board.

“Paul was instrumental in growing L-Acoustics in the Americas and continued that success at Rat Sound,” Bridge said. “Having helped grow one of our industry’s premier loudspeaker companies, it’s a natural fit.”

“The fact that PK has a truly differentiating new technology has a number of parallels with Paul’s previous success stories. Paul is also extremely well-respected in the field and he exemplifies the type of professional and personal culture we have at PK.”

After starting his career in the 1980s as a Recording Studio Technician in the Los Angeles area, Freudenberg transitioned into sales and marketing for Pro Audio equipment manufacturers. He cultivated his expertise in recording, live sound design, and deployment, as well as digital audio and control network systems integration.

“Music, sound and technology have always been at the core of my professional and personal pursuits,” Freudenberg said. “So, for me, a passion for music, a pursuit for sonic accuracy, and the application of engineering and technology-based solutions in a creative and collaborative environment is what my ‘must have’ list looks like. PK Sound ticked all of those boxes.

With Freudenberg’s eye for companies on the cutting edge of live sound technology, the move to PK Sound bodes well for the company’s growing ambitions.

“As I observe the ever-advancing leaps in the tech sector that are being promoted to our personal and professional world, I am on the alert for individuals or companies who demonstrate a keen insight, or an edge in the application and innovation of these emerging technologies. It seems clear that the road forward will include innovation that will make complex tasks easier and more efficient, while providing measurable improvement to the state-of-the-art.”

PK is poised for growth and has the engineering resources to bring new solutions to existing and future challenges,” Freudenberg concluded. “When executed successfully, this track will propel our company forward.”