Themed as “LIVE” ON DIGITAL, the full day event took place on 9th November at The Summit Auditorium & Studios venue in Singapore. Targeted at PAVE’s customer base and in keeping with the theme, the solutions showcased and demonstrated were in the digital realm.

The event saw about 120 delegates ranging from education, hospitality, healthcare and corporate segments within Singapore. HQ staff from AtlasIED, myMix, Outline and Visionary Solutions also flew in to give the presentations. The workshops plus the presentations saw active participation from delegates. It gave an opportunity for delegates to understand the different solutions in an intimate manner and discuss with peers and the experts on hand about current technologies.

The main room saw sharing presentations by Ian Tan of EAA Consultants Pte Ltd on “Getting the most out of your sound system” as well as a presentation by Robert Soo of Cogent Acoustics on AV over IP. In-between the two presentations, guests also got to know more about the solutions offered by Samsung and Epson. The main room was also set-up to demonstrate Samsung’s P2.5 LED panel systems, a 2×2 video wall using 55” LED displays as well as the Samsung Flip, a 65” 4k monitor and a 49″ curved monitor with a super ultra-wide screen.

Also showcased were Epson’s projection systems. These included the EB-L1405U 8K lumens laser projector with the elbow short-throw lens, the EB-L25000U 25K lumens laser projector, the EB-1470Ui interactive projector as well as the EV-105 Lightscene projector. Not forgetting, providing audio throughout the event was the Outline Mantas 28 line array.

Delegates attending a breakout workshop session

Supplementing the presentations were 4 workshops conducted by Outline, Visionary Solutions, AtlasIED and myMix. The 45 minutes workshops were held concurrently and repeated four times over the day to allow delegates to sit in at all the four workshops.

Jeffrey Lim, managing director, PAVE System Pte Ltd commented, “This is our first event where we have brought all the principals that we represent as well as our partner brands together. The objective was to share with our customers the different solutions that are available to them. On the visual side, we often get asked what would be the best option and with the demonstration of LED, LCD and projectors at the event, we feel that it helps us explain the different advantages each solution brings and for the customers to experience the results visually.”

The event also offered to PAVE the opportunity to re-introduce and provide more exposure to Outline and myMix. “We only recently took distribution responsibilities for both the brands. Though the brands are renowned, this event offered us the opportunity to showcase the latest solutions from the brands to our customer base.”

The other key objective for PAVE was to ride the AV over IP wave. “There is no denying that AV over IP will become a crucial part of our business. We wanted to share with the delegates on what AV over IP means as well as share the different AV over IP solutions that we have.”

From that aspect, Visionary Solutions spoke about their AV over IP solutions, and AtlasIED introduced their range of AV over IP speakers. The main room was also rigged up to showcase to delegates live the workings of an AV over IP integrated system.

PAVE wins International Distributor award

Jeffrey Lim receiving the International Distributor Award from Visionary Solutions.

An unexpected award was also presented to PAVE System at the event. Visionary Solutions had kept the award a secret until the very last minute to present PAVE System the International Distributor of the Year award.

The award is quite a feat considering that PAVE only took on the distribution of Visionary Solutions about a year ago. A surprised Jeffrey Lim said that he was delighted with the award and thanked the Principal as well as his team for all the hard work and effort put in.

Overall, the event was a resounding success. It was well organised and ran like clockwork with PAVE staff spread across the venue to ensure that any queries was immediately handled.