Panasonic Launches 12,000 and 8,500-lumens Projectors

The new Panasonic 12,000 lumens laser projector, shares the same compact dimensions and light weight as its existing 10,000 lumens class projectors. Available from Autumn 2018, the PT-RZ120 is launched alongside the PT-RZ870, an 8,500 lumen projector, which sits within the existing housing of the 7,000 lumens PT-RZ770 series.


Both new series are SOLID SHINE laser projectors and join Panasonic’s acclaimed lineup of filterless 1-Chip DLP dual-drive laser phosphor models. The projectors blend crisp and vivid imaging with bright, dual-laser-module and dual-phosphor-wheel SOLID SHINE Laser drives. They are capable of maintenance-free operation for up to 20,000 hours thanks to air-tight and dust-resistant optical units and cooling systems negating the need for air filters.

“The key to the superior image quality in these projectors is the quartet colour harmoniser – a unique colour-wheel system enhanced by dual heat-resistant phosphor wheels that work in harmony to maximise colour accuracy while reducing energy loss from the light sources,” explains Hartmut Kulessa, European Marketing Manager at Panasonic. “We are calling the projectors a wolf in sheep’s clothing. AV professionals are going to be blown away by the accurate colours and outstanding brightness that we’ve packed in to such compact housings.”

Digitally modulated 10,000:1 dynamic contrast controls light output frame-by-frame, according to image requirements, while a multi-projector sync function enables control of dynamic contrast and shutter functions across a network of projectors, synchronising from a master projector.

Both the PT-RZ120 and PT-RZ870 support 4K video signal input via a single-cable using DIGITAL LINK or an HDMI® terminal and are further geared towards pro installations with 3G-SDI joining HDMI®, DVI-D, 5BNC, D-Sub, and RS232C connections.

Designed to integrate into existing control systems, all projectors are compatible with HDBaseT, Art-Net, Crestron Connect, and PJLink protocols; and share Panasonic’s family of interchangeable lenses for 1-Chip DLP models.