Centralised command centre showcased at the Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific B2B Exhibition

Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific (PSSAP) revealed its new automatic attendance taking solution and smart, personalised retail experience – the latest applications for the brand’s winning facial recognition technology and data analytics in the education, public, entertainment and retail sectors.

Showcased at a B2B exhibition held on 15th March at the National Museum of Singapore, these solutions mark a key milestone in Panasonic’s strategy to meet rising demands by fusing analytics with technology in a broad range of industries.

The key highlights during the showcase were powered by Panasonic’s award-winning facial recognition system, FacePRO. Coupled with Panasonic’s i-Pro cameras that can intelligently detect and analyse faces with minimal bandwidth and network load, FacePRO has the ability to execute high-speed and high-precision searches of up to 30,000 registered faces.

The deep learning technology in the software was jointly developed with the National University of Singapore to improve facial recognition performance by up to 500% compared to conventional systems.

“Even though facial recognition technology is becoming more commonplace globally, there are still endless possibilities for future applications that can transform our lifestyles. We want to use our technological know-how to uncover innovative applications that will not only enhance the experience for consumers, but also change the way businesses engage with them,” said Yoshinori Yamana, Managing Director of PSSAP.

Multi-Sensor Camera showcased at the Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific B2B Exhibition

“Our automatic attendance taking system is testament to this commitment where we are renewing traditional processes to benefit both customers and end users.”

Transforming traditional attendance taking processes
For years, schools and workplaces have been faced with the challenge of tracking attendance in the most efficient and convenient way possible.

Working with video analytics company Trakomatic, accredited by the Singapore Infocomm Media Development Authority, Panasonic’s automatic attendance taking system integrates facial recognition and analytics to accurately and quickly authenticate the presence of large groups of students or workers in a non-intrusive manner, be it in lecture halls, conferences, meeting rooms or offices.

Without the common problems associated with traditional methods that require manual input or tracking, the system increases overall productivity by saving time as well as drastically reducing the potential for human error and manipulation of attendance.

The automated reporting process also translates to more lesson time for teachers and students, while companies can improve accountability, speed and accuracy in processing employees’ payrolls.

Different ideas for varied applications powered by Panasonic technology
In the world of retail, Panasonic is paving the way for a smart, personalised customer experience through a combination of smart cameras and built-in analytics that can effectively support an unmanned store concept.

Latest retail experience concept showcased at the Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific B2B Exhibition

This latest automated retail concept enables businesses to provide a seamless end-to-end retail journey. To complete the full customer journey, Panasonic showcased tailored digital advertisements based on their demographics, smart store shelves that can read customer selection behaviour, assist customers via in-store video intercom, and transact by revealing consumers’ purchase history with personalised self-payment kiosks.

Targeted at the dynamic infrastructure and public sector, Panasonic also presented its rugged computing solutions, PBX communications solutions and high speed outdoor wireless communications.

In conjunction with media content providers, the exhibition showcased innovative applications powered by Panasonic’s audio-visual technologies for a new visceral experience.