After the successful settlement in the 4K technology market, Opticis has taken one more step ahead. Recently launched products DPFX-300-TR and HDFX-500-TR not only grant excellence in data transmission,

but also they are upgraded to give more flexibility to the users.

The new DisplayPort 1.2 extender, DPFX-300-TR and the new HDMI 2.0 extender, HDFX-500-TR, deliver 4K UHD (4096×2160) resolution at 60Hz through one (1) LC multi-mode fiber (OM3) that extends up to 200m with no latency.

Both devices provide realistic and objective video signal without any electrical hazard and interference.

Moreover, they operate by USB power with or without external DC 5V power adapter. The Auto Power-Switching feature makes this aspect more reliable and smooth on its power supply.

The new products are doubtlessly more powerful than their predecessors as they adopt extremely compact design that allows the users less limited space for its installation.

Compared to their previous series, sizes have shrunk a significant extent.

The width of both devices decreased by 4mm and their length got decreased by 5mm.

Together with the usage of short-boot cable, the benefit of the compact size will be maximized and this change will definitely lessens the customers’ stress while the installation in the limited area.

Besides the change in size, DPFX-300-TR and HDFX-500-TR operate through a single LC fiber.

Compare to the usage of duplex fiber in past, this upgrade in the technology considerably simplifies the installation and also reduces spending in purchasing fibers.

Opticis fiber optic extenders are currently hitting the worldwide market, establishing numerous applications such as medical imaging, operating room, military, digital signage, control room, simulator, rental staging, etc.

Opticis are the first developers of fiber optic extenders for digital video signal.

As the first developer, they guarantee all customers for fast, secure, and long distance extension without any electric noise. Along with a guarantee of trustworthy quality and direct technical support.