Now Shipping: RTI VXU-SC Video Conferencing and Collaboration Solution

New RTI VXU-SC Video Conferencing System is Now Available
To meet the need for cost-effective conferencing and collaboration solutions in classrooms and meeting spaces, RTI is now shipping the VXU-SC video conferencing and collaboration system.


“Business and education leaders are always looking for tools to enable efficient and cost-effective content sharing,” said Ed McConaghay, CEO of RTI. “The VXU-SC delivers connection flexibility and ease of collaboration that makes it the perfect solution for meeting spaces and classrooms.”

“The system allows users to easily join a meeting and share content, taking advantage of the increasingly popular software-based video conferencing options available today.”

The VXU-SC consists of a transmitter installed on a table and a receiver connected to the presentation display or projector. The receiver unit is also connected to a dedicated PC that runs presentation software and video conferencing solutions such as Microsoft Skype, Cisco WebEx, and Citrix GoToMeeting.

For easy collaboration, the VXU-SC transmitter is equipped with USB-C, HDMI, Display Port and VGA inputs, allowing a variety of devices to be plugged in and deliver video content.

The system utilizes a USB hub to enable simultaneous keyboard and mouse control from multiple connected devices such as laptops and interactive displays. This powerful USB communication also allows inexpensive webcams and microphones to be utilized for soft-codec video conferencing. To simplify installations and eliminate cable clutter, all signals between the transmitter and receiver are carried over a single cat-5/6 cable using HDBaseT technology.