Now Shipping: QSC Premium Business Music Solutions

QSC has begun shipping its recently announced Premium Business Music Solutions – the MP-M Series paging and music mixers, including wall mount controllers and smart device apps, the MP-A Series multi-channel amplifiers, and AcousticDesign Series SUB/SAT loudspeakers.

These components offer a complete end-to-end audio solution for background and foreground music reinforcement in retail, restaurant, hospitality and other commercial spaces.

“QSC Premium Business Music Solutions represent a blend of QSC’s long history of quality and product leadership across amplification, processing, mixing, control and loudspeaker technologies,” said David Fuller, Senior Director of Product Management – Live Sound, QSC.

“We set out to reimagine the business music category by dramatically simplifying the configuration and installation process, providing flexible control options for a diverse set of users.

“This comprehensive portfolio delivers a user friendly, aesthetically pleasing, high performance background/foreground audio experience unlike anything currently available.” The QSC Premium Business Music solutions are now available in North America and coming soon in Europe and Asia.