An exclusive audience of sound engineers and audio rental providers in Indonesia gathered in Jakarta for the launch of NEXO’s latest line array system, the GEO M12, the first event to be organised by PT Yamaha Musik Indonesia, newly appointed as the NEXO distributor in the country.


Attended by more than 100 people, the launch attracted sound engineers, consultants, audio production rental companies, and proprietors of houses of worship and other venues, all interested to see the new mid-sized line array solution from the European manufacturer.

The event was kicked off by MChihaya Hirai, the Senior General Manager of the Audio Product Group PT. YMID. His presentation began with the fascinating story of how Yamaha and NEXO came together in 2005, when the Yamaha Corporation first bought shares in the French company, leading to a distribution agreement in North America, and subsequently in Japan and Singapore.

In 2008, NEXO became a full subsidiary of the Yamaha Group, and embarked on a full programme of collaboration on joint projects, product development and shared expertise.

Highlights of that programme are familiar to most Yamaha and NEXO customers, including the NEXO NXAMP amplifier range, Yamaha DXR and DXS loudspeakers.

Over the last decade, the Yamaha and NEXO teamwork has created an entertainment technology powerhouse that is positioned at the very top of the global sound reinforcement market.

Joe White, NEXO’s new Business Development Manager for South-East Asia, shared a detailed insight into NEXO the company, and the passion it invests in each and every product.

His profile of NEXO’s manufacturing operation ranged from its heavy investment in machinery and robots on the production line, to its commitment to international certification, such as the TUV marque, which provides a guarantee to users, provided the loudspeakers and accessories are installed in accordance with safety instructions.

Coming to the highlight of the presentation, the Technical Marketing team from PT Yamaha
Musik Indonesia introduced the NEXO loudspeaker portfolio, and then moved in to focus on the latest member of the GEO Series, the GEO M12 mid-size line array system.

The special listening session gave the audience a chance to audition a wide range of NEXO
products from the GEO family, in combinations of GEO M6 compact line array with LS18
subs, GEO M10 mid-size line array and MSUB15, and ID24 super-compact cabinets with ID
S110 subs, as well as the star of the show, configured with 6 x GEO M12 per side and 8 x
MSUB 18s arranged in cardioid mode.

The Geo M12 series is a mid-size loudspeaker line array that offers outstanding performance, namely the ability to achieve a maximum SPL of up to 140 dB, a significant
advance of the output of its predecessor, the GEO S12.

GEO M12 can reproduce sound at low frequencies up to 50 Hz, giving it the advantage over competitive products in its class.

The presentation session took a close look at the patented technology embedded in the M12, including a Profiling Tube Port that enables the GEO M12 to produce sound at very clean low frequencies without distortion and air turbulence, the phase directive devices (PDD ) which provide woofer capabilities to produce a point of intersection between LF Driver and HF Driver at a higher frequency point, the Hyperbolic Reflective Wave Source that ensures the sound produced by HF Driver exits the cover so that it can be compared with conventional horn designs, and Auto Rig, which makes it easy for users to install this loudspeaker.

Before closing the event with a short concert by The Pusakata & The Panganans, PT Yamaha Musik Indonesia (Distributor) took the opportunity to introduce five official dealers for NEXO products in Indonesia, namely Sirius Audio Tech (Jakarta), PT Electro Audio
Engineering (Jakarta), IM Solution (Surabaya), Dempo Musik (Surabaya) and CV Indoteknik (Bali).