NEXO Taiwan Team

NEXO is presenting an all-new line-up in Asia.


Indonesia has a new distributor for its sound reinforcement products with PT. Yamaha Musik Indonesia taking on the prestigious French line, cementing sales and support for NEXO and Yamaha brands at its Jakarta offices.

The Yamaha Indonesia team, led by Chihaya Hirai, will be working closely with newly appointed NEXO Business Development Manager Joe White, who has responsibility for South East Asia markets. Together they are preparing to put NEXO in the spotlight this year.

“We are ready for the imminent arrival of NEXO’s new GEO M12 mid-size line array,” said Hirai, “and have already planned launch events for this system in Jakarta and Surabaya. Indonesia benefits from a number of exhibitions and tradeshows, so we are aiming for maximum visibility for the brand.”

“With a vibrant domestic music market and also a big wedding party culture, our first target market will be the audio production rental suppliers.”

“International tourism creates many market opportunities in the form of luxury beach clubs, resort hotels and nightclubs, and of course, we will also be looking to build on NEXO’s strong reputation in the house of worship sector here.”

NEXO Business Development Manager Joe White has the advantage of local knowledge, being headquartered in Bali for several years. “Every country and culture has its own intricacies on how they approach and do business: understanding how the NEXO brand can best be presented here in Indonesia is a key part of my role. Together with my colleagues at Yamaha Indonesia, I’ll also be working on continuing NEXO’s strong tradition of education and training in this region.”

In Taiwan, Yamaha Music & Electronics Taiwan Co., Ltd., located in Taipei, has come on-board with a distribution partnership for the manufacturer as well. Yamaha Taiwan was established in 2013, and its dedicated PA Division, directed by Jack Chien, will handle the NEXO portfolio of sound reinforcement products.

“This is an exciting time to be taking our place in the NEXO global distribution network,” commented Chien.

“The newly-released GEO M12 line array system is already ordered, and our first public event will be its grand launch in July. We will be looking at the Hospitality industry and Houses of Worship as particularly strong markets for NEXO products, as well as the Corporate AV sector.

There is great width and depth in the NEXO range of loudspeaker cabinets: I’d single out the small GEO M6 line array system and the ID Series of compact speakers as likely to perform especially well here in Taiwan.”

NEXO’s Business Development Manager for the region is Michel Brouard, who welcomed the new appointment.

“Taiwanese economic conditions are strong and stable, so we are excited about partnering our colleagues at Yamaha Taiwan to expand our opportunities for NEXO.”

“We will be building on nearly 10 years of excellent brand representation from Henry Deng at Born Free, who continues to be a valued customer. The latest generation of products coming out of NEXO, from mid-size line arrays to super- compact point-source cabinets with outstanding performance specifications, are ideally suited to the cultural and commercial environment here.”