BT8441 and BT8442 mounts deliver a simple and fast mounting process

Large screen displays are now a factor of modern life, being seen in the high street, home, education and a wealth of other vertical markets.

To make things easier for integrators, B-Tech’s new BT8441 and BT8442 mounts deliver a simple, fast hook-on mounting process, with lateral adjustment of screen position once fitted.

The BT8441 is suitable for screens from 37- 55 inches, with an impressive maximum weight capacity of 80kg. The BT8442 benefits from the same high load limit but with a larger wall plate suitable for bigger mounting patterns. It can cater for displays of between 49 and 80 inches in size.

Both mounts share the same low-profile design, allowing for close-to-the-wall fitting of 30mm. Levelling screws allow adjustment of screen height and, for professional, high celling installations, the mount can be easily paired with B-Tech’s collar and pole system.

Early feedback has already shown these to be a hugely popular choice for single displays,
demonstrating how crucial a part mounts play in AV, at even the simplest level. Mark Walker, B-Tech’s Director of Operations (UK) said: “With a simple hook-on installation, our latest flat screen mounts provide the easiest possible method of mounting large screen displays.”

“The BT8441 and BT8442 may not be as “exciting” or feature the technical complexity found in our videowall products but doing the basics well should form the foundation of any reputable mounting company and with these products we have done just that.”

Both the BT8441 and BT8442 are now available from B-Tech locations all around the