Datapath has launched a new version of its popular Wall Designer software

delivering content downscaling capabilities which ensures original aspect ratio is maintained, whatever the size or placement.

Working seamlessly with Datapath’s award-winning Fx4 controllers, the software also gives users the ability to easily tile, replicate and refit content for truly creative displays.

Available now as a free download, Wall Designer v2.2.0(watch) brings a complete solution for project integrators challenged with designing multi-segment LED video walls.

When placed upstream of LED sender devices, Datapath’s Fx4 becomes a powerful and user-friendly content manipulation tool suitable for deployments of all sizes.

Crucially providing perfect video synchronisation across all outputs, the Fx4 enables multiple
independently sized LED fixtures to be built into one unified display surface. The increased flexibility offered by the Wall Designer update means content regions can now be adjusted to cater for custom LED fixture resolutions, scaling the content to perfectly match the LED display every time.

Mark Rogers, product manager at Datapath, explained: “Users want to design creative video walls into confined places, and often achieve ‘the best fit’ by placing displays in either landscape or portrait orientations using their preferred choice of displays – which are increasingly available in a number of different aspect ratios.

However, thinking outside of the box during the creative phase can also present problems when displaying content in its native format on the video wall.”

He adds: “With the new borders update for Wall Designer v2.2.0, the Fx4 can be used to scale any selected content region to suite an almost infinite arrangement of video wall displays, display types and orientations, so that content can be viewed natively and without unwanted image distortion or warping.

Corporate logos or presentations shown on a creative video wall, for example, can now be displayed at their intended aspect ratio, even when the video wall doesn’t match the content.”

Another integrator benefit of the Wall Designer software is the information it provides to enable easy configuration.

Information such as screen dimensions (in pixels and millimetres), bezel sizes and refresh rates are all included. The ability to choose from a list of previously used monitors as well as adding other monitors and even bespoke RGB LED configurations has created software which makes display wall configuration and implementation a joy, rather than a chore.

A unique feature of Wall Designer is its user-driven monitor database.

The range of monitors in the application’s database has grown to cover an enormous and constantly growing number of unique devices, as users have added their own monitors and submitted these back to Datapath for inclusion.

Adding content-region downscaling on each output, the borders update makes the Wall Designer and Fx4 solution perfectly suitable for a wide range of applications including Live Events, Digital Signage, Corporate and

Wall Designer is available for both Windows and MacOS systems and is available now as a free download from the Datapath website.

Available now for Datapath’s Fx4, the software will also be integrated
with the FX4SDI controllers in coming weeks.