Navitar Announces Projection Lenses For Laser Phosphor Projectors

Navitar, a global leader in projection optics technology, announced the addition of the HM4K-­‐96 wide angle projection lens to their established HemiStar fisheye lens line.

This 9.60 mm focal length F-­‐Theta lens was designed to work with Sony VPL-­‐ GTZ270/280 laser phosphor based projectors. This Navitar/Sony projector combination is widely used in planetarium, simulation, and other spherical applications. The HM4K-­‐96 produces a wide projection angle of 105° H X 53° V at full 4096 x 2160 resolution.

Designed for the SONY VPL-­‐GTZ270/280 4K SXRD platform the lens offers a focus range of 2 meters to infinity at an MTF of 63% at 125 lp/mm. System integrators designing 4K and 8K multi-­‐ projector digital planetarium systems have had great success with the Navitar HM4K-­‐96.

For simulation customers, Navitar offers an optional glass coating allowing the lens to transmit in the NIR wavelength. This option is required for night vision goggle (NVG) scenes.