Architecture and interior design have changed rapidly over the last few decades, and even more so in recent years as modern technology evolves.


Mindstec was chosen as the dedicated Interactive Experience Partner to support and participate in significant events within the interior design industry, that included “Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards 2018” on 29 Nov in Hong Kong by HKIDA; “A&D China Awards 2018” on 13 Nov in China and “A&D Trophy Awards 2018” on 16 Nov in Hong Kong by Perspective.

Mindstec specializes in procurement and distributing high-end audiovisual solutions. At the events, they showcased a variety of innovative solutions including MTC P-Cap Interactive Displays, T1V ThinkHub Collaboration Software, 3D holographic Display and 3×1 Video Wall for different applications.

MTC Projected Capacitive Touch (P-Cap) Interactive Displays were showcased in “A&D Trophy Awards 2018”. The P-Cap technology allows more accurate and flexible operation of the displays. With the installed T1V BYOD Collaboration Software, ThinkHub, all the guests can review the masterpieces of all the award winners at the ceremony via the large touch display. At the same time, they can sign, draw or take notes on the touch screen as smooth and vivid as a real canvas.

The 3D Holographic Display placed at the ceremony successfully grabbed visitors’ attention. The 3D holographic display allows the organizer to present brand image and information with an eye-catching 3D holographic video.

Also, the fun and eye-catching 3D Holographic Display not only showed 3D animations vividly, the animation could be changed responsively and trigger off the 3×1 Video Wall to display relevant video, when visitors picked up a corresponding box placed around the display or through the RTI control panel with fingertips.

Mindstec commented: “Mindstec’s brilliant products successfully attracted numerous visitors to try and experience. We were very happy to celebrate with all the winners. We will bring innovative and interactive audio and video technology to different markets in the future endlessly.”