The Seventh Day Adventist Church on High Street Road in the quaint locale of Frazer Town in Bangalore is an exemplary religious institution that sports a strong followership of locals. The church is known to be actively involved in social service in addition to sharing the good news of god, and this has garnered a great deal of praise for their initiatives.

In recent times, the church has reinvigorated its services with much needed doze of energy and enthusiasm, thanks to the newly acquired Mackie Thump15 powered loudspeakers playing a crucial role in faithfully representing the word of god through the preacher’s voice.

Mr. Samuel Jaideep, who is a member of the church and also one of the apex members of its audio- visual tech team shares his comment on the Mackie Thump saying “We were in the process of a complete overhaul and were seeking an efficient and aesthetically pleasing loudspeaker system that would deliver top quality reinforcement for speech and music during our regular services. We’ve used the Mackie Thump series speakers before and were extremely pleased with its performance. So even though we did have quite a few options available in terms of the brands to choose from, we opted to go for the Mackie Thump15 powered loudspeakers owing to our trust in its great quality and delivery, and also for the fact that it was one of the most price-efficient product in its range. These speakers deliver a feature set that no other model in its class does and that’s what’s most impressive about it.”