Connect Series 3-stack.

LEA Professional has released the Connect Series amplifiers with 4 mid-power models of IoT (Internet of Things) enabled professional amplifiers for the professional installation market.


The Connect 354, Connect 704, Connect 354D and Connect 704D aim to provide system designers and integrators simple and powerful solutions to drive their large scale installations with the capacity to support monthly recurring revenue (MRR) business models.

“Our mid-power models are meant to be the installers go-to amplifier when designing larger, more complex systems for applications like airports, theatres, theme-parks, and stadiums. These are the venues where reliability and simplicity are critically important and that is where our IoT enabled amplifiers will shine.” said LEA Professional Founder and CEO, Blake Augsburger.

“Installers need to know that their systems are performing perfectly during every use and this is the product that will arm them with that information and confidence.”

With the Connect Series’ built-in AWS IoT Core, system integrators can monitor hundreds of data points from fan speed to thermal temperatures to system faults and more without even being in the same building as the system.

This opens the door for system integrators to identify potential issues, troubleshoot the cause, and load new parts on the truck long before any urgent maintenance is required.

The Connect Series is made up of two product families – the Dante Connect and Network Connect models.

All four mid-power models are built with fully routable analog inputs and the 354D and 704D have the addition of Dante and AES 67 connectivity. All four models also boast three different ways of network connection using built in WiFi Access Point, connect to the existing WiFi network, or using a Local Area Network Ethernet connection.

Vice President of Engineering, Jeremy Bules, noted, “We packed these amplifiers with essential features like our Proprietary Smart Power Bridge, Universal Power Supply, direct LoZ and HiZ selectable per channel, and internal DSP – all in a one rack unit chasis.”

“We really wanted these amps to be a great looking and slim fitting unit with the power, reliability, and simplicity that integrators know they can count on whenever they spec large-scale projects.”

LEA Professional’s Connect Series amplifiers began shipping in late July. In addition to the product launch, LEA Professional has also released their Web App UI for control and monitoring the amplifiers.

This user interface does not require a software download and works to control and monitor the amplifiers from any device, including a users’ mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. The Web App UI was designed for quick and simple navigation providing an easy user experience.