Kramer Highlights 4K-UHD Scaler/Switcher for Digital and Analog Signals


Kramer: VP-734

The VP-734 delivers a seamless 4K-UHD presentation experience with glitch-free ultra-smooth switching technology, auto-switching and auto-scanning. This powerful scaler/switcher includes a user-friendly downloadable app for text overlay and power-saving features for environment friendly installations.

Applications: Presentation applications, Projection systems in conference rooms, boardrooms, auditoriums, hotels and churches, production studios, rental and staging. Any application where high quality conversion and switching of multiple and different video signals to graphical data signals is required for projection purposes

Key features include:

  • Auto-switching and auto-scanning with glitch-free ultra-smooth FTB™ (fade-thru-black) switching technology
  • Digital/analog signal support: 4 HDMI inputs, one DisplayPort input and two universal analog inputs
  • Output Resolution − Up to 4K UHD
  • Selectable Audio Delay
  • 7 Stereo Analog Audio Inputs
  • Stereo Speaker Output
  • Embed/De-embed Audio
  • Built−in Video Proc−Amp
  • Advanced EDID Management.
  • Efficient power saving (green) features
  • Control Options − IR RS−232, Ethernet with Web browser

Availability: Now.