The Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and Crestron Singapore signed a collaboration agreement to enhance the training of ITE staff and students in Audio Visual Information Technology (AVIT).

The objective of the collaboration is to improve the knowledge and capability of ITE staff and students in AVIT.

The collaboration agreement was signed on 6 December at the ITE College Central’s Audio Visual Systems Laboratory and will see Crestron provide in-person AVIT training, online courses, certification programmes and course materials at no cost to ITE.

Crestron will also arrange to share knowledge and experience in AVIT through guest speakers, observe lessons conducted at ITE and provide feedback.

Through Crestron’s links to the industry, ITE students will be offered internship placements.

The internship programme will complement and reinforce the skills and knowledge acquired by ITE students, as well as develop competencies in specialised areas in AVIT.

The cooperation will be in place for three years, after which both organisations will review the progress, the effectiveness and look at possible updates and other areas of collaboration if need be.

Crestron Singapore is no stranger to ITE. The company was already actively involved with helping ITE with its curriculum over the years. Crestron has provided technical consultations together with industry partners for projects the students were engaged in.

The consultations guided students on best practices to complete their projects. Working in tandem with other industry players, Crestron has been chairing the presentation evaluation of student projects for years. Crestron also played a supporting role in helping students brainstorm potential ideas for the Lee Kuan Yew Technology Award (LKYTA).

Once the concept was confirmed, Crestron supported the students by guiding them on some of the technical aspects and helping them with refining the pitch for the project.

This resulted in a group of students being awarded “Outstanding Alumni Awards” in the LKYTA 2017 competition.

Crestron has also awarded the Crestron Book Prize to the top 3 students of the two classes that are under Audio Visual Systems Specialization. Students were evaluated on their performance and understanding of integrating AV control solutions within a network configuration.

One of the 2016 Crestron Book Prize awardees went on to become the top scorer for the Audio Visual System Design specialisation in Nanyang Polytechnic, receiving highly favourable reviews by the lecturers and the industry for his familiarity in Crestron Programming and System Integration knowledge.

Crestron has also provided staff and student training both online and in-class courses to help them keep up with trends in AV technology. Selected students were given opportunities to enrol in advanced classes.

In addition, staff were given a month’s training to guide them in incorporating the industrial content into the ITE curriculum.

Another unique opportunity given to ITE students was at an event held at the ITE College Central campus by Crestron, LG and Epson. The brands wanted to reach out to education facilities stakeholders about empowering teaching staff with AV technologies.

Crestron decided to let the best performing ITE students to lead the project implementation from schematic design to the final project concerning the showcase of the solutions at the event.

Several tertiary and education institutes graced the event to hear presentations from the brands and see the solutions at work with some of it being operated by the ITE students. This certainly gave the involved students a sense of pride and achievement.

Dr Ang Kiam Wee, Principal of ITE College Central, said, “At ITE, we work closely with industry partners to create industry-relevant learning opportunities for our staff and students. This partnership with Creston provides enhanced opportunities for our students to

stay relevant to changing industry demands, and effectively prepares them for a career in the AVIT sector.”

Jacques Bertrand, VP, Sales, Crestron Asia, said, “When we select a country to be our regional HQ, one of the considerations is knowing that there is talent in the country to support our ambitions as there is quite a bit of investment involved. With this agreement, we hope to contribute to the continued growth of AVIT talent in the country.”

After the signing of the agreement, Bertrand toured the AVIT facility and saw a presentation by an ITE student on his programming of a control system using Crestron protocols.

Images by Yeo Ren Kang