ISE: Zytronic Raises The Bar For Touch Sensor Technology


British projected capacitive technology and multi-projected capacitive technology (PCT & MPCT) raised the bar of its touch sensor technology products with some impressive product demos at the ISE2017. The solution showcasing included large-size multi-touch table and the force-sensing touch technology solution or large screens.


The multi-touch table works by means of an intelligent chip recognition technology which is a combination of both software and firmware. The firmware comprises three conductive contact points replicating for three fingers, built into customised objects, and when these objects are placed on the touch-sensing table, the firmware detects the touch and recognises the particular orientation, and shows up different touch options depending on the user requirement. The user then can select different applications of choice.

“It can be videos, application software, pdfs or any other content of choice,” explains Ian Crosby, Sales and Marketing Director. “It can be anything; the only limitation is programming the content.” Once the custom object is taken out from the surface, the menu disappears automatically, and appears again as when the object is placed back.

An excellent solution for primarily retail market, the multi-touch table can also be taken to corporate segment as well to demonstrate the organisational strengths, or dynamics of a particular project execution.

Hear from Ian Corsby more about the multi-touch table solution here.