Control Room and Display solutions major Mitsubishi Electric – returning to ISE this year – took the platform to essentially demonstrate the high performance and efficiency strengths of its video wall solutions, even as it introduced its latest offerings, including the continued preview of what the Japanese major had been saying as revolutionary Direct View LED video wall.

New at ISE this year was the latest addition to the 120 Series of DLP cubes, delivering unsurpassed operational lifespan and energy efficiency. The new WE120 offers an industry-leading minimum 100,000 hours of continuous operation in all brightness modes. At 11.3 years of 24/7 operation, this is currently the longest rated lifespan of any DLP cube on the market by a significant margin. In addition, its nominal power consumption of 77W makes it currently the industry’s most power-efficient spec.

Having a Display Port 1.2 (4K2K Input/daisy chain ready) input, and the inclusion of an Intel OPS slot, makes the 120 Series displays ideal for Pro-IP based systems. While the LED light source offers 6X redundancy for total reliability, delivering up to 1160 cd/m2 brightness, presence of four preset brightness modes allow the optimum balance of performance and energy efficiency of the system for diverse applications.

Continuing from its previews at InfoComm USA 2016 (Vegas), and InfoComm MEA 2016 (Duba), the Mitsubishi showed a production prototype of its Direct View LED video wall- created specifically for command and control applications. Designed and built by Mitsubishi Electric in Japan, the VS-NP160 offers 100,000 hour operation and incredible performance.

Coming with a narrow pixel pitch of mere 1.5mm screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the system would be packed with features like ‘anti-burnt technology’ and dynamic power control that makes it long-lasting with minimum power consumption and ease of work for the operators.

“We are hoping to see this commercially rolled out by the end of 2017,” disclosed Adrian Jones, Mitstubishi Electric’s Rep on the booth. “This product is a result of over two years of R&D into the use of narrow pixel pitch LED in command and control applications,” Adrian explained. “The issues looked at were the potential operator fatigue due to constant exposure to excessive brightness, as well as the long-term colour stability of the LED, with minimum power consumption.”