ISE: Oblong Wields New Videowand To Enhance Collaborative Experience


Immersive, spatial collaboration environment solutions major Oblong Industries wielded its magical sort of ‘videowand’ as part of its new solutions showcasing at the ISE 2017. The company brought its flagship collaboration tool Mezzanine technology with latest offerings highlighted by its Signature Wand, and expanded hardware capabilities for diverse space sizes.

Set for Q2 outing, the new Mezzanine Teamwork is a dual screen immersive environment for simplified installation process and lighter hardware footprint. Coming in combination oblongwith it is the next generation tracking system tool for the spatial wand- Oblong’s proprietary remote device for controlling content from any location in a room. The new wand has a whole new look and new capabilities that deliver more utilities to the hand wielding the wand.

“The new infrared sensor system for tracking the new wand, now mounted on the perimeter of the display screens, requires no room remediation or special ceiling configurations; this swift installation allows companies to take Mezzanine to more space(s),” explains Lilian Bories, VP (Marketing) at Oblong. “Irrespective of the room size or numbers, or user case, Mezzanine now covers a flexible and expanding array of client requirements, making the Mezzanine solution very immersive, and visual collaboration UI of choice for teamwork in any workplace.”

According to him, the new solution is truly agnostic b every means- meeting requirements of presentation, collaboration, ideation, monitoring or data preference (cloud, on premises) or team location (in the room, in a connected rooms, working remotely) or server location (in the meeting room or in a network center rack). Sold by the room and not by the number of seats, Mezzanine also provides a level of price predictability and user access not available with SaaS solutions.

Hear more about the Mezzanine Teamwork from Lilian here.