Spanish monitor solutions major Arthur Holm showcased to the European market through the ISE 2017 platform its latest offerings that included the DB2 – said to be the newest, slimmest retractable monitor range with minimum impact the furniture design of an AV install space.

Coming with a mere 20mm width, the DB2 is said to be incredibly easy to integrate and intuitive to use with one aligned aluminium button, and almost invisible (no cover plate) when not in operation. The DB2 systems are purpose-built to be discreetly integrated into the meeting room table, disappearing within the desk with a completely silent drive motor.

Completely designed and furnished in anodized aluminum, the range offers a minimal and contemporary look. While the aluminum sheath makes the surface more durable it is also extremely resilient and serves to dissipate heat, plus the anodized finish provides a soft, silky effect. More, the model is powered with a low consumption video controller and has a new, easy-to-read Interactive Set-Up Display (ISD) 2.2” LCD. This allows local and remote configuration, operation and troubleshooting without having to remove the monitor from the furniture.

The DB2 range is available in 17.3” and in 21.5” both with 1920×1080 resolution with two DVI HDCP-compliant inputs. The product, significantly, has won the ‘Best Show of ISE 2017’ Award.

This apart, Arthur Holm also demonstrated two other important models- the Dynamic Share, and UnderCover. The The DynamicShare allows users to share different real time video sources with zero frame latency. It is software and wireless free, giving a high level of security. No need for external devices the DynamicShare is a solution to optimise both cabling and installation with HDMI looping between monitors.

UnderCover is a retractable monitor that covers both conference system and connections. When activated, an aluminium Full-HD touch monitor will appear, together with a microphone, push to talk and mute buttons, speaker, power socket and multi-media connectors.