ISE: Adder Technology Presents New Command & Control Switch


British, IP-based high performance KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) specialist Adder Technology, previewed at ISE 2017 a new Command and Control Switch – the Adder CCS-PRO8 – apart new innovations to its flagship AdderLink Infinity range that is highlighted by the new XDIP- a high performance, IP-based AV extender with USB.

adderThe CCS-PRO8 Command and Control Switch allows operators control up to eight machines across eight displays using just one mouse and keyboard. It is ideal solution for improving ergonomics in a Control Centre setting where space is at a premium or management of multiple computers from one station is required. Featuring FreeFlow technology, the Adder CCS-PRO8 enables users to move from one display to the next simply by moving the mouse across screen borders. The switch was developed as a result of user feedback and is much anticipated by Adder Technology’s customer base.

“This is all about simplifying the premium user space; it’s about removal of multiples of keyboards and mice, and providing one single canvas for the operator,” explains John Halksworth, Senior Product Manager. Demonstrating the operability of single keyboard and mouse across multiple screens with ease, John explains how the solution eases out the job of an operator working in complex requirements, by removing the multiplicity of hardware. “It can get into virtually any situation,” he continues, “particularly in complex situations like Control and Command Centres that will typically have multiple numbers of screens to monitor.”

Adder demoed four other products alongside- including the four-port variant, Adder CCS-PRO4, the Adder RED PSU power distribution unit with redundancy, the newly launched Adder XDIP and the company’s flagship AdderLink Infinity range.

AdderLink XDIP enables remote access to critical computing, with its flexibly extending the desktop experience, and forms part of Adder Technology’s easy-to-install AdderLink KVM and AV extension portfolio.

Both the Adder CCS-PRO8 and AdderLink XDIP will be available later this year in Q3 and are ideal for use in industries with a strong need for command and control connectivity solutions.

Says Jamie Adkin, VP Sales EMEA: “The ideal control room environment is one that is a combination and integration of the right technologies, furniture and lighting. Adder’s aim is to ensure that operators are productive, efficient and can make mission critical decisions based upon accurate information.”

Hear from John Halksworth, Senior Product Manager at Adder about the new CCS-PRO8 here.