Luxul Easy Setup App

Luxul, a leading innovator of IP networking solutions for AV integrators, has warned the Netherlands to brace itself for a perfect storm of new networking solutions, set to leave a major impact at the Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre during ISE 2019.

The eye of the storm is projected to be at Stand 2-C50, where Luxul company officials say products never before seen in Europe will be unleashed and shipping.

The forecast includes managed Gigabit switches that bring enterprise performance to the CI industry at affordable price points; the next generation of wireless controller technology; “Good, Better, Best” dual-band wireless access points (AP), which includes a new device featuring advanced 4×4 MU-MIMO (802.11ac Wave 2) technology; and the new Easy Setup App.

“We are preparing the city of Amsterdam and ISE attendees for the disruption this storm will cause, which will include but is not limited to strong, reliable networks and world-class Wi-Fi with seamless roaming,” said Mike Grubb, Vice President of Marketing at Luxul.

“CI integrators, in particular, should brace themselves for simplified installations, lower costs, and happier customers. Luxul staff will be on hand to provide assistance; however, with everything but the internet itself expected to touch down and dramatically increased traffic at Stand 2-C50 in the forecast, we are asking visitors to remain calm, have a look around, and chat with Luxul experts in the stand.”

Of particular concern for storm trackers are Luxul’s 18-port/16 PoE+ L2/L3 AMS-1816P and 12-port/8 PoE+ XMS-1208P managed Gigabit switches, which include port Auto-Recovery and Power Scheduling to ensure system reliability and uptime.

Auto-Recovery allows the switch to power cycle unresponsive PoE devices, and Power Scheduling allows switch PoE ports to be turned on or off on a schedule.

For simple network expansion, the AMS-1816P is equipped with 2 Gigabit RJ-45/SFP combo ports, while the XMS-1208P features 2 Gigabit RJ-45 uplink ports and 2 SFP ports — these features allow for high-speed interconnection between SFP-compatible Luxul switches and enable integrators to connect devices via Ethernet or fiber-optic cable.

Heavy winds are blowing in the next-generation XWC-2000 wireless controller, which delivers twice the capacity of its predecessor with support for up to 32 APs, allowing each AP to be configured for a designated wireless channel in addition to supporting individual wireless transmit power adjustment.

Newly deployed APs are now automatically added for plug-and-play installation. Luxul’s Roam Assist technology built into the wireless controller ensures that mobile devices are always connected to the best AP for the highest performance.

Doppler radar indicates three separate wireless AP solutions converging on Amsterdam, which are set to merge into a “Good, Better, and Best” offering. For smaller networks where budgets are a concern, Luxul’s “Good” XAP-810 is a cost-effective wireless AP offering 802.11ac 2×2 dual-band technology and 5GHz beamforming for data rates up to 1200Mbps.

The “Better” XAP-1510 features 802.11ac 3×3 dual-band technology and 2.4 and 5GHz beamforming for data rates up to 1900Mbps throughout a facility.

The “Best” Apex XAP-1610 AC3100 dual-band wireless access point (AP) features advanced 4×4 MU-MIMO (802.11ac Wave 2) technology and 2.4 and 5GHz beamforming for data rates up to 3167Mbps.

The AP is designed to enhance transmission and reception performance, producing higher throughput when experiencing medium to weak signals within the effective range, as well as providing a more stable connection with usable throughput.

Finally, a low-pressure front is pushing in Luxul’s Easy Setup App, which allows integrators to install a Luxul wireless router and up to 2 wireless access points (APs) — at the same time — from the convenience of a mobile phone.

The simple-to-use app not only speeds up installations but ensures the network infrastructure is installed with the appropriate settings and the latest firmware. The result is lower costs for integrators and their customers and a seamless wireless network that provides outstanding performance.

Luxul networking solutions will also be on display at AV EMEA distributor showcase at Stand 1-Q120.