ISE 2018: HARMAN Debuts World’s First 4K60 4:4:4 VOIP Windowing Processor

HARMAN Professional brought to ISE 2018 the latest and popular ranges from the group that are highlighted by what the audio major claimed to be the world’s first 4K60 4:4:4 video over IP Windows processing tool from AMX.


The new N2400 Series Windowing Processor is capable of handling multiple real-time 4K60 streams with no video input or output connectors, greatly simplifying installation in network operations centers, basic digital signage applications and more. The system accepts up to four multicast video streams from AMX N2400 Series encoders at resolutions up to 4K60 4:4:4. Users can mix 4K and HD sources in any configuration, including the ability to combine up to four HD sources together into a single 4K image. Each input can be cropped, scaled, and positioned according to stored presets such as quad, window-in-window, 3+1, etc. or in any user-defined configuration. The combined output video is then streamed to one or more N2400 Series Decoders.

From the JBL stable, Harman introduced the Pro SoundBar, an active soundbar designed specifically for commercial applications. It has an optimized feature set to address the unique requirements of hotel guest rooms, cruise ship staterooms and other commercial environments. The unit supports both fixed and variable source volume, providing compatibility with both fixed applications (where the volume is controlled at the soundbar) and variable applications (where gain is controlled at the television).

The Pro SoundBar also has a four-position volume limiting switch that allows integrators to control the maximum output of the soundbar and avoid acoustic disturbance to neighbor environments.

The other highlight on Harman booth included the JBL VLA Compact Series line array, designed specifically for permanent install applications requiring even coverage, high intelligibility and audio levels capable of overcoming crowd noise. The system offers large format horn-loaded modules to provide broad bandwidth horizontal directivity and an increase in sensitivity. The unit brings high performance quality in a more compact, outdoor-ready solution for use in any large venue, from small- to mid-sized stadiums and arenas to larger venues where speakers are mounted a long distance from the listener. The speakers also include weather protection out of the box, with an IP55-rated fiberglass enclosure and steel end panels. Full-range models include dual 10” low frequency drivers featuring HARMAN’s patented Differential Drive technology, with 65° and 100° horizontal coverage options.