ISE 2018: Crestron Unleashes An AV Matrix For IT Age

Control automation major Crestron greeted the ISE 2018 audiences with a wide range of solutions that included new and recently debuted enterprise-grade offerings for secure and efficient management of IT/corporate networks.


The new launches included the Digital Media (DM) XiO Cloud, DM XiO Edge, XiO Manager (coming from InfoComm 2017 preview); AirBoard whiteboard content display solution; Air Media 2.0 version wireless solution; MPC 3-Series wall-mount presentation controllers; Flip-Top in-table connectivity solution; and the preview of soon-to-be-released DM 4KZ I/O Cards, Receivers and Transmitters.

The XiO Cloud – as the name implies – is a cloud-based provisioning platform enabling centralized enterprise-wide configuration, monitoring, and management of Crestron devices such as Mercury, 3-Series control systems, DM Series systems, and TSW touch panels.
The beauty of the systems may be derived in that it enables deployment of hundreds or thousands of devices across the enterprise in the same amount of time that one would take for one device deployment. . Using simple drag and drop functionality, devices can be named, configured, and organized by groups and subgroups. Settings and firmware updates can be silently pushed to one or all devices. Device licenses can be quickly activated, transferred, or removed. The dashboard provides interactive charts, a fully searchable activity log of all actions within the portal, and a group status page.

The XiO Edge is said to be the only IT-approved cloud-control platform offering secure endpoints, inbound connections, redundancy, and service oriented architecture. It offers secure endpoints, inbound connections, redundancy, and service oriented architecture.
The company demonstrated all that in a vastly manifested matrix of solutions that were categorised as segment wise and named distinctly. The Crestron OPEN Presentation Space is an enterprise-grade workplace technology meant for meeting spaces of 2 to 6 people. A higher version named SMALL is meant for meeting spaces of 4 to 12 participants.

Crestron AirMedia 2.0 is a network-based wireless presentation technology that leverages latest security protocols- 802.1x network access control; Active Directory user authentication; AES-128 content encryption; and SSH, SSL, TLS, and HTTPS. All it means is this solution frees people to sit or stand anywhere in the room or space and easily connect their smart devices and laptops to the room display, regardless of operating system. No more wires or dongles cluttering the table. In fact, one doesn’t’ even need a table.

Says Jeffery Singer, Crestron’s Executive Director of Product Marketing: “Crestron believes and brings to table five important things- Consistent user experience; ability to use existing infrastructure; multi-room network security; display and manage multiple devices on cloud; and schedule, book, maintain meeting places on multiple locations from a single point.”