ISE 2018: beyer’s New Dynamic Approach Speaks Out

German audio solutions major beyerdynamic presented itself at the ISE 2018 in a refreshingly new, dynamic mould that got reflected in its product showcasing. The company introduced three new, very unique, path-breaking speakerphone solutions aimed at diverse audio environments. All this in distinctly new mode of booth display done in attractive colour themes and typically named products aimed at making an emotional connect with users.


The new launches included Phonum, an intelligent audio solution for modern meeting culture; Unite, a new tour guide system bringing in for the first time the talkback function; and Fox, beyer’s first USB-static, desktop microphone but with more options of freedom and professional studio-grade recording quality. The Fox was in fact introduced to world markets at NAMM 2018, and brought to ISE for ProAV markets.

Phonum: The uniquely designed, compact, portable battery-operated speaker phone – featuring beyer’s exclusive Voice Compass technology – brings to the meeting environments many a feature that elevate the aural experience of participants to a new high.

The design strategy of incorporating three microphone capsules helps the Phonum capture spoken words with highest quality, and uses a down fire loudspeaker that radiates the sound across the conferencing network, thereby distributing it optimally throughout the environment, and ensuring that no word and no idea go unheard during a meeting.
The speaker phone can be set up quickly and easily in any room and connected effortlessly via Bluetooth or USB to a smartphone or computer enabling meetings to be held without large conference rooms and complex, fixed communications systems – spontaneously, quickly, creatively and with the team in mind.

Freeing meetings from the mesh of cable fixations, Phonum allows any room to become a meeting room. Barely bigger than the palm of one’s hand, it can be carried effortlessly from room to room or be taken even to the road. Bluetooth connectivity means Phonum can be connected to smartphones, tablets or computers completely cable-free. However, the provision of USB C port allows users preferring USB connectivity.

Phonum doesn’t even require power connection; it can be powered with its integrated rechargeable battery, and with up to 15 hours speaking time, the unit offers more than enough time for longer meetings. During USB operation, the system sources its power directly from the data port.

The unit is expected to be available from May 2018 in the beyerdynamic online shop at and via various distribution channels.

Unite: The otherwise conventional tour guide system is now being made distinctly unique with talkback function with additional potential uses. A versatile range of components, simple setup and DSP control to optimise speech intelligibility make Unite the perfect solution for many different scenarios.

The talkback function enables users ask questions and interact with the tour guide and other visitors. Guest speakers can also be seamlessly integrated using Unite – up to three people can speak at any one time. Even the use of whisper interpreters, who provide simultaneous translation of the main speaker, is easy to achieve.

The unit functions digitally and is thus practically noiseless while speech intelligibility is perfected by an integrated audio processor.

Unite is suitable for both smaller setups as well as large systems. Over 32 groups can be provided for in parallel. Here Unite itself configures frequency distribution to guarantee reliable transmission. Thanks to the wide operating range and the high-performance long-life rechargeable batteries, the system is particularly resistant to outages. DECT standard ensures use of Unite without approval or licence fees, meaning it can be used almost anywhere.

FOX: Ideal for music recordings, YouTube videos, Podcasting and more, the new beyerdynamic FOX combines a large condenser capsule with a preamplifier, AD converter and headphone amplifier, all connected through the latest-generation USB Type C conector and interface, which makes it possible to deliver the necessary power specifications, impossible to achieve with previous USB standards.

The large-membrane condenser microphone is designed to provides high sensitivity, while the cardioid polar pattern shields against rear-incident noise, providing protection against background noise. The elastic suspension on the microphone capsule aims to prevent structure-borne noise, such as footsteps and fret noises.

A button on the back of the microphone regulates the gain and enables use of the FOX for especially loud sources, while a mute button makes it easy to cut unwanted sounds during live online transmissions.

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