InfoComm 2019: LG Launches Transparent OLED Commercial Display

LG Business Solutions officially launched the highly anticipated LG Transparent OLED digital signage display in the United States this week at InfoComm 2019.

The razor-thin see-through display is designed to deliver a unique customer experience in specialized commercial applications, particularly retail and hospitality.

With the LG Transparent OLED (watch), watching video on the screen is augmented by seeing objects and images behind the screen. The versatile 55-inch class display (model 55EW5F) delivers LG OLED’s unrivalled picture quality while maintaining a high transparency, much more than traditional transparent LCD displays.

“Just think about the possibilities in hospitality, retail and other environments where business owners are looking to create a truly one-of-a-kind experience,” said Garry Wicka, U.S. vice president of marketing for LG Business Solutions.

“We’re combining the uniqueness of a see-through display with the unrivaled form factor and picture quality of LG OLED technology.”

In LG’s InfoComm booth, six transparent displays made up a dramatic video wall in a 2 x 3 landscape mode configuration; 2 x 2 portrait mode displays being demonstrated as well.

Another highlight was a touch version of the 55-inch LG Transparent OLED allowing the user to interact with content on a LG OLED video wall behind the transparent display.

Welcoming visitors to LG’s sprawling InfoComm booth was the LG OLED Falls exhibit (watch from CES 2019) that offered a unique, immersive installation of eye-popping, open frame commercial OLED displays.

Open frame LG OLED displays enable a fresh approach for innovative and flexible digital signage designs.

With no separate light source, the displays are extremely thin and lightweight (under 30 pounds), and flexible enough to be bent at the installation site – now with an increased curvature rate for both landscape and portrait configurations.

To help system integrators with their custom open frame OLED projects, LG has introduced the new “Curvature Calibrator.” LG will train the integrator on how to operate the calibrator to get the desired convex and concave curvatures, depending on the projects requirements.

LG OLED technology is a high-end category of displays that delivers an awe-inspiring picture with perfect blacks and incredible colour, even from wide viewing angles. OLED uses self-lighting pixels that can be turned on and off individually for exact control of image brightness and quality, delivering infinite contrast ratios optimized for high-dynamic range content.