InfoComm 2019: Clockaudio’s TIM-1000 Takes the Stage to Simplify and Elevate Microphone Intelligence

Clockaudio Ltd. has introduced their latest product innovation, Tracking Intelligent Microphone, TIM-1000. Streamlining and elevating a new standard for huddle rooms, conference rooms and videoconferencing facilities, the flexibility and adaptability of TIM-1000 will enable the microphones within the space to track the person that is speaking and follow that person anywhere in the room.

The concept behind TIM-1000 is simplicity; ease of installation, user-friendly set up and adaptability.

The TIM-1000 installs just like a ceiling speaker (using dog legs) and can easily be installed in a drop ceiling or hard ceiling. TIM is “set to go” and does not require any programming or the need to set up different lobes. In addition, it can self-configure to any space.

At the core of TIM’s new level for microphone intelligence, is Clockaudio’s Adaptive Proximity Technology (APT). This APT allows TIM to keep a consistent sound level for the person speaking and will automatically compensate for the distance of the participant from the microphone while maintaining real time audio capture.

Jim Hallington, Clockaudio Founder and Managing Director for Clockaudio Ltd. commented,

“From the moment we discussed this product’s development, we understood that it would create tremendous interest when it hit the market.”

“We are thrilled to be launching TIM-1000 at InfoComm 2019 and even more excited about the industry’s enthusiastic response to it. “

In explaining the technology, Robert Moreau, Managing Director for Clockaudio North America shares,

“TIM looks for a source of sound, independent of its location and it is not tied down to any preprogrammed, fixed lobes. It will easily adapt to multi-use or reconfigurable rooms.”

TIM’s features are many. It only requires one channel of AEC, making it cost effective. UL listed, TIM works well with any soft codec, is compatible with both Dante and AES67, making it easy to work with any DSP of choice.

Other features for TIM-1000 include noise suppression, 3-band EQ, intuitive GUI, and an RGB ring that provides for visual room status.

Powered over ethernet, the device utilizes API control via UDP commands and comes with separate control and audio paths. TIM-1000 is available in Custom Nextel colours to fit the décor and aesthetic of any room.

Moreau added, “Today’s AV designs demand products that not only provide great sound quality, but that also have the ability to adapt to environmental and situational needs. This level of product intelligence and flexibility is what truly sets TIM apart from other microphones and is another way, Clockaudio is clearly different from its competitors.”