Bluesound Professional previewed 2 Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) speakers and 2 PoE controllers at InfoComm 2019 which complemented the previously announced suite of streamers, amplifiers, powered speaker, control panel, and accessories. The first of the PoE products is expected to ship in late 2019.

Like the other products from Bluesound Professional, the PoE products on preview feature the established BluOS multi-zone audio content management interface.

Seamlessly integrated into purpose-designed hardware, Bluesound Professional products are designed to suit a variety of commercial use cases where music content is used to create branded experiences, including in restaurants, bars, cafés, hotels, gyms, malls, and other similar spaces.

When on the same network, the devices discover and interface with each other, allowing installers to configure a nearly limitless number of zones of streamed audio content from a variety of sources, including commercially- licensed music from SoundMachine.

“Our first set of products is a toe in the water,” said Graeme Harrison, Vice-President and General Manager of Bluesound Professional.

“We believe in creating an ecosystem that optimizes versatility and ease of installation, and therefore the use of PoE combined with the powerful processing capabilities of the BluOS distributed audio platform is core to our next release of products.”

The Bluesound Professional BSP500 is a complete system in a box. This includes a BluOS streaming module allowing replay of network connected local files as well as streaming from a wide variety of services including Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music and many others including business music services such as SoundMachine and internet radio services such as TuneIn.

This module feeds an active full-range loudspeaker with 1” Titanium dome tweeter with Ferrofluid Neodynium magnet and 5 ¼” Polypropylene cone woofer.

This whole system is powered by type 2, 3 or 4 PoE and is weatherproof to allow both indoor and outdoor installation. Connection to the BSP500 is via one network cable carrying both power and signal. Installation is further simplified by the provision of an integral mounting bracket allowing horizontal or vertical mounting options. The BSP500 is available in either black or white.

The BSP1000 is the BSP500’s big brother, again a complete system including a streaming module, power amplifier and speaker system powered by type 2, 3 or 4 PoE with one-wire connection for both power and signal.

This system has a 6 ½” Polypropylene woofer and a ported enclosure for superior low frequency performance and it is also weather sealed for indoor or outdoor installation.

Like the BSP500 it is available in black or white and it includes an integral mounting bracket.

The Bluesound Professional PS1 is a flexible, high quality network paging station allowing paging input into any Bluesound Professional system. This PoE powered interface includes a high quality paging microphone connected to a paging station allowing paging to up to 8 different programmable groups of zones accessed via a desk-mounted control panel.

These pages can be programmed to duck the music in the zones and a line input is also provided for the input of other signals that need to duck the music in the selected zones.

Connection to the system is via one network cable carrying power as well as both audio signal and data information for the zoning and ducking functions.

Multiple PS1s may be used in a Bluesound Professional system.

The Bluesound Professional ANC1 is an advanced ambient noise compensation processor for connection to a Bluesound Professional system.

This unit allows the volume of the zone it is connected to, to be adjusted automatically as the ambient noise in the zone changes.

The algorithm controlling these changes uses highly advanced acoustic echo cancelling-based calculations for accurate and exact control of signal volume.

Parameters are both flexible and easy to set up in software and the unit is PoE powered allowing the connection of only one network cable carrying reference signal into the unit, power and data instructions for the connected zone Bluesound Professional player.

A local phantom powered mic input and a line input allows the installer to connect their choice of sensing microphone to the ANC1 for detection of ambient noise in the zone.

Many ANC1s may be used in a Bluesound Professional system, each one being software mapped to the zone it is controlling.

Full details and specifications about the individual products will be available closer to
the time of launch in late 2019.