INFOCOMM 2018: Prysm’s LPD 6K Series Makes Public Debut at Show


Prysm, Inc., a leading display and visual collaboration solutions provider, showcased its Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) 6K Series, a first-of-its-kind interactive single panel large-format display offering a panoramic image uninterrupted by seams or bezels.


The LPD 6K Series is targeted at experience/briefing centers, premium conference rooms and digital signage deployments. Unveiled in March, it eliminates the challenges associated with other video wall solutions, including:

Intruding seams/bezels
* Lack of touch options or collaboration experiences in larger sized video walls
* Poor quality viewing at multiple angles
* Limited options for installation locations due to being too large to fit in elevators and small corridors

Prysm has certainly come a long ay since it first launched its LPD technology displays in 2010 that are environmentally friendly. The company then moved on add value with a collaborative software platform and now combining the expertise to offer a single panel interactive display.

The LPD 6K screen can be rolled and takes up 36 inches in diameter and is 6 ½ feet tall. This ensures that the screen can be deployed regardless of challenging environments.