Digital Projection International (DPI), introduced two ultra-high lumen projectors to their high-performance 3-chip LASER series. Producing a powerful 37,000 and 33,000 lumens respectively, the all new TITAN LASER 37000 WU and TITAN LASER 33000 4K-UHD projectors serve applications that require the highest brightness, resolution, and colour performance possible.


To achieve such ultra-high brightness, DP paired its remarkable 3rd generation laser illumination systems with Texas Instruments’ 3-chip DLP technology. With up to 37,000 lumens on tap, even the largest screens and venues can benefit from dynamically vivid and resolute imagery. Suited for both controlled environments and those where ambient light is present, the TITAN LASER series is engineered to tackle a broad range of applications, from huge auditoriums and houses of worship to staging, architectural mapping, and planetarium dome simulation.

As TITAN series projectors, the all-new laser driven TITAN 37000 WU and 33000 4K-UHD are compatible with the same TITAN optics that have supported all of DP’s prior, lamp-based TITAN projectors. This means that owners of TITAN lamp-based projectors upgrading to the new TITAN LASER series need only invest in the new TITAN LASER projector chassis. In addition to existing TITAN lenses, specific legacy lenses from other brands are also compatible with the new TITAN LASER platform.

With dependability and low maintenance inherent in their design, all of Digital Projection’s LASER projectors provide the lowest cost of ownership, benefitting from the laser illumination system’s extensive 20,000+ hour life-span. With no lamps to replace or expensive maintenance costs to endure, end-users and stagers save significant money over time and never need to worry about the possibility of lamp aging or failure. Beyond their low cost of ownership and superb dependability, DP’s LASER projectors can be oriented in any position for unsurpassed installation flexibility. This allows customers to place rich, enormous-scale imagery in practically any venue and on any projection surface, without sacrificing projector performance, reliability or image quality.

Input capabilities include; 2 x HDMI 2.0b with HDCP 2.2 and HDR processing, 2 x HDMI 1.4b for both single and dual pipe 3D processing and support of frame sequential 3D formats, 3G SDI and DisplayPort 1.2 to ensure the latest connectivity for high bandwidth 4K content delivery.