Barco has recently delivered an advanced video wall solution that empowers Uttar Pradesh Police to reduce crimes and reach to incidents within few minutes. The solution comprising of 180 Barco rear-projection LED cubes in multiple configurations at Lucknow Centre will enable local responders across the State of Uttar Pradesh to offer aid in the quickest manner.

Following the UP Chief Minister’s dream of implementing one of the largest centralized emergency response system in India, UP Police is ready to provide the best emergency service to the people of Uttar Pradesh.

‘UP 100’ is the official name of the ‘Uttar Pradesh Police Emergency Management System’ also known as UP state wide Dial100 Project. The vision of this project is to provide prompt integrated emergency services for public safety and security to all citizens, including those with special needs, anytime, anywhere in the State of Uttar Pradesh.

The Chief Minister is closely involved in the project since its inception and has been visiting the site regularly to oversee the construction and implementation process.

Bringing help where it is needed, in minutes

This project envisions establishment of a central Contact Centre at Lucknow to facilitate receiving information of emergencies relating to public safety by phone, text, email, video call etc. by ensuring round-the-clock availability of operational 100 numbers from the entire State. Police field services shall be provided by 3200 4-wheeler and 1600 2-wheeler Police Response Vehicles (PRVs), deployed directly under its control.

“The Barco collaborative visualization solution provides access to real-time data about the activities in the rural and urban areas and allowing us to respond to emergencies relating to public safety quickly and reliably, thus strengthening our field services, and improving the safety of our residents and visitors” asserted Mr. Anil Agarwal, Additional Director General of the Uttar Pradesh police force. “We’re absolutely relying on it to perform these critical services.”

“Our solutions will help prompt response time for police emergency services related to public safety and security. Real-time situational awareness will be provided from the millions of data items collected within the system,” said Mr. Vivekanand, Country Director-Sales, Barco India.

The perfect blend of functionality, quality and ease-of-use

Barco’s video walls will offer the UP 100 project an ideal combination of bright, seamless, detailed images, reliability, and ease-of-use. This will enable Operators to intuitively monitor incoming information and route it as quickly and accurately as possible, for lower response times and faster care in case of an emergency. Barco video walls are also equipped with Barco’s unique cooling system, which extends LED lifespan, reduces operating costs and lowers maintenance requirements – as maximizing uptime is very important in this application.

“Citizen’s safety, security, and reduction in crime rate are the top priorities for the State Governments and we’re proud to be part of UP100.” said Mr. Rajiv Bhalla, Managing Director, Barco India.