Inaugural Jakarta AV Week to Inform and Entertain Visitors


Jakarta AV Week will be held from the 9th to 11th October at Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta, Indonesia.

The event is the brainchild of Rudi Hidayat, Managing Director of V2 Indonesia.

A couple of years back, V2 had done a smaller similar event that saw a great turnout. This year Rudi has decided to extend the idea to a bigger scale. He has also roped in two more partners, AlcorMice and, to give more bite to the event.

“We had an extremely positive response from those who attended the event in 2016. Since then many have been clamouring for us to do another such event and the time is ripe now for us to do that.”

“With the two partners as collaborators, we will be able to cast a wider reach of visitors. Also, from the organising and logistic point of view, the collaboration should enable us to make it a seamless experience for us and the visitors,” said Rudi.

The principal objective of the event is to educate the visitors about AV technologies.

“I strongly feel that there is a need to educate the market. Not only dealers but the customers as well. Many only know basic knowledge, and we hope that through this event, we can empower them with understanding the various technologies better and how they can be used to enhance their space and productivity. It is not just about product or solutions selling but about sharing knowledge,” commented Rudi.

He added, “We also want to introduce to them about future trends to help them make informed decisions on their next solutions investment. One example would be about voice control assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant and how they can be incorporated in their workspace. Another example would be about IoT and its implications.”

To spread the message, the organisers held a press conference for the various local media on 11th July. At the event, Eddy Santoso, Executive Director ASKOMPSI (Indonesia Provinces Communication Information Association) highlighted that the upcoming event is an excellent idea as it will help government officials especially concerning Indonesia’s drive on Smart Province and Smart City initiatives.

Eddy added that

the command centre technology that will be on display would enable officials to understand better how the latest technologies offer more user-friendliness and effectiveness.

Rifqi Edrus, Digital Marketing Director at Egogo-Hub, which is a leading E-commerce portal in Indonesia, highlighted how AV technologies could be used to complement the digital experience.

He mentioned that E-commerce in Indonesia is growing at an exponential rate and companies who understand how to use their brick and motor shops as well as specific events that merge between the physical and digital will see better outcomes.

Jakarta AV Week is a B2B as well as B2C event with a target of 20 to 30 solutions companies participating. Visitors will get to see and experience visual, audio and lighting solutions on display.

“Invitations to visit the event will be sent across Indonesia. We have targeted government sectors, our partners and dealers as well as end-users such as Houses of Worship, Education, Retail and Hospitality,” said Rudi.

Keeping to V2’s unique way of presenting events, visitors can also expect exciting entertainment to be interspersed with the seriousness of presentations and solutions exhibit.

“We will be incorporating AV solutions with the planned entertainment to create a wow and memorable experience for our visitors,” said Rudi.