The inaugural Jakarta AV Week event was held from 9 to 11 October at the Kasablanka Hall in Jakarta, Indonesia. The Hall accommodated 22 booths representing over 30 brands in the B2B segment whilst the solutions targeted at the B2C segment featured 10 booths. The B2C exhibits were located outside the B2B hall to distinguish the targeted solutions and audience.

The event was organised by the coming together of three individuals and companies – Rudi Hidayat of V2 Indonesia, Panca Sarungu of RajaMICE and Jim Tehusijarana of Alcor Prime.

V2 is a well established distributor and SI whereas RajaMICE specialises in event management and Alcor Prime operates venues including the Kasablanka Hall and also provides sound, light and visual services.

Rudi Hidayat said,

“The main objective with Jakarta AV Week is to share knowledge and information and provide networking opportunities between visitors and the brands.”

With the visitors mainly made up of the vertical market end-users, the organisers wanted to share as much information about technology and trends and how these solutions can be used to better effect in the respective organisations.

To enable this sharing, the organisers divided specific topics over the three days. The first day topics covered displays and supporting solutions, the second day topics touched on presentation and communication technologies and the last day was specific to Smart City solutions.

The presentations were held within the B2B hall and had entertainment spread out around the presentations to help keep the vibe alive and at the same time breaking away from the norm and offering something unique and upbeat.

The event saw around 1,000+ visitors within the B2B space from the vertical segments that included government, education, corporate, houses of worship as well as a number of system integrators.

Yuyun Candra, COO, PT Rainbow Asia Posters said, “Jakarta AV Week was impressive with quality presenters, qualified knowledge and open insight about the development of AV both from the hardware and software perspective being shared.”

“This event proves that Indonesia is not too late to keep up with the times and is ready to compete in the Information arena. I would like to thank V2 Indonesia for organising this event. They did a great job.”

PT Rainbow Asia Posters specialises in Digital Billboard applications.

System Integrator Razzif Eka Darma, CEO of PT Kreasindon Graha Presada added, “I would like to express my satisfaction with Jakarta AV Week where the exhibition showcased technological advancements in the field of AV, which is up-to-date and easy for users to present their needs. I look forward to V2 Indonesia bringing more advanced technologies into Indonesia for our understanding and appreciation.”

Semuel Sumampouw from the Marketing Promotion Departments of PT Metropolitan Karyadeka Development, a large property company in Indonesia, commented, “We are thankful for the organisers for inviting myself and the Metland Cyber team to this event. I felt it was a really good event that was well executed and I was especially impressed with the presentation from reactive studio from Canada. I am really looking forward to using some of the technology presented here.”

Christa Widjaja, Property Management Coordinator at Karyadeka Group, added, “Jakarta AV Week as a whole opens up my insight on how current technological advancements greatly simplify life, especially for dynamic executives, who need quick decision making and high productivity demands. With the features presented in the overall arrangement of the program, it makes me more optimistic, that all the above needs can be accommodated perfectly. Overall, I really appreciate the Jakarta AV Week event, both from the content of the event, product / feature sampling, to the efforts of the organizing committee that delivered everything very informative and on target.”

Sharing the positive impression of the event, Ryo Limijaya, Head of Sales and Marketing, Anomali Coffee highlights, “Jakarta AV Week was an outstanding event. It showcased the products without forgetting to educate the market with outstanding presenters, technology and experience. For us it was especially interesting as our space was also used as an example of how digital signage and displays can be used effectively in an F&B environment.” Anomali had a booth serving coffee within the B2B hall and was also used as a showcase for digital display solutions.

The houses of worship community were also present at the event. Pastor Stephen Erastus of Gereja Suara Kebenaran Injil Church comments, “Jakarta AV Week was such a great event. I am so grateful to be able to see so many exhibitors with super modern technology. I can’t wait for the next edition.”

Novandry Sukmawan, Creative Pastor at NDC Ministry, adds, “The lively opening ceremony accompanied by selected seminar speakers who are experts in their fields, makes Jakarta AV Week the coolest series of seminars and exhibitions at the moment. Jakarta AV Week helped enhance our knowledge and understanding as users of Audio Visual technology. Thank you V2 Indonesia for bringing this about with the other co-organisers.”

Also visiting the exhibition was one of the larger exhibition organisers in Indonesia, PT International Exhibition. Bambang Setiawan, President Director of the company highlights, “In addition to providing insight, there was an impressive display of exhibits and stage shows that provides AV enthusiasts the opportunity to meet, gather and share experiences. What was even more exciting was the discussion on AV industry trends going forward. Congratulations to the organisers for a job well done.”

Exhibitors were also positive about the inaugural edition.

“This was refreshing. To me it is not about the size but rather the quality of visitors. It was a focused group of visitors. The showcase and presentations gave the delegates the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and also at the same time touch, feel and experience the solutions,” said Peter Chan, CEO, Lighthouse Technologies.

RGBlink’s Justin Knox added, “This is a great initiative to bring together different manufacturers so that people can collaborate and share their knowledge. The size of the show is not overwhelming for the delegates and helps to drive the focus of the show which is on knowledge sharing and technologies. This event I believe has provided visitors with a platform to have conversations and understand the solutions more intimately. Many of them would not have had the opportunity to go to big exhibitions and it might even overwhelm them whereas this setting is more amicable for the visitors.”

“Jakarta AV Week has more than met my expectations and I am very satisfied,” said Pokai Chen, Deputy General manager, APAC Sales Division, Newline Interactive. “The reaction of the visitors to our solutions as been very positive. After our presentation to them, I can say they left our booth impressed with our solutions. I would also like to add that the invite of Intel to present was good as they shared new product concepts and possibilities which I am sure the visitors as well as vendors like ourselves found interesting.”

“It’s our first time joining a Pro-AV event in Indonesia. With V2’s strong business network, we believe Jakarta AV Week is the first choice for us to participate. The 130” All-in-One LED Display is collaborating with IFP and interactive software displaying at Smart Meeting and Collaboration Room area which provided visitors a good prospect of the smart meeting room solution. This event and the presentations provided more insights of the industry technologies for Indonesia customers which we think will also help the business development in Indonesia. We are pleased to be here and hope to grow business together with V2 in the near future,” said Tony Hung, APAC Sales Director, Calibre UK.

For an inaugural edition, Jakarta AV Week showed promise. The organisers will be looking to how to further tweak and improve the event so that it brings real benefit to visitors as well as exhibitors.