dLive S7000 (FOH)

IGODSWILL Church in Seoul, South Korea has recently invested in an Allen & Heath dLive digital mixing system and ME personal monitoring system for its Sunday services and weekly festival events.

With no permanent building, worshippers travel to a local high school auditorium for the Church’s Sunday service. The Church holds three services each weekend, which are split based on musical styles; the first service features classical performances, while the second delivers 80’s pop and the third, rock. As such, the Church required a versatile and easy to set up audio solution that delivered high quality sound for a wide variety of material.

Supplied by Sama Sound, the set-up includes a dLive S7000 at FOH, accompanied by a DX32 expander, Dante card and DM48 MixRack (mounted on stage). Taechan Moon, sound engineer at IGODSWILL church, commented “dLive’s user interface and strip layouts are very intuitive. Even if you aren’t a professional engineer, the time it takes to learn the basics is short compared to other digital consoles.”

For rehearsals, two monitor engineers carry iPads (running the dLive MixPad app) and interact directly with the FOH engineers, singers and performers, enabling them to sound check and adjust monitors quickly and easily. An additional PC running dLive Director software is connected to the DM48 for full control over the mix from the stage position.

A ME-U hub is also connected to dLive, which distributes audio to six ME-1 personal mixers, used by the musicians in the ‘God’s Will Praise’ band. ME-1 was selected due to its built-in ambient microphone, intuitive level / pan control, excellent sound quality and fast set up.

Taechan Moon (IGODSWILL Sound Engineer)

Moon added, “dLive is a very stable system in terms of sound and its connection between the MixRack, surface and Dante network. dLive allows you to easily create your own unique mix, taking advantage of the wide range of customisation and processing applications.”