Exhibitions provide visitors the opportunity to not only see the latest solutions but network and enhance their knowledge. InfoComm SEA is no different as it brings together experts to share their knowledge with the industry.

Here we have highlighted a few of the talks that visitors to the show should not miss. Interpretation in Thai, Vietnamese and Bahasa Indonesia is available for the talks below.

SDVoE, The Matrix Switch Transformed
AV Integrators attending the first InfoComm Southeast Asia can learn about the impact of Software Defined Video over Ethernet in a session entitled, ‘SDVoE, The Matrix Switch Transformed’ with ZeeVee CEO Bob Michaels as the presenter.

The one-hour course will provide attendees with an overview of SDVoE, an AVoIP technology (audio-video over internet protocol), and why it is rapidly gaining traction as a replacement for a matrix switch when distributing HD and 4K AV content. The key advantages of the SDVoE architecture that exceed the capabilities of hardware-defined systems will be explored, along with the specific benefits it offers to designers, installers and end-users.

The presentation will take place in room Amber 3 on 15th May at 2:00pm.

Healthcare Innovation Technologies
The delivery of patient care has seen vast improvements through advancements in technology, and leading healthcare institutions around the world are integrating these latest technologies into their facilities to improve the overall patient and staff experience.

Distance telemedicine applications, automation, robotics, converged networks, 5G cellular and a wide array of audiovisual applications geared specifically for healthcare are what will be covered in this special session on Healthcare Innovation Technologies.

The presentation by SM&W’s global President and CEO Tom Shen will take place on 16th May (Thursday) at 4.45pm in room Amber 1, on level 2 of BITEC.

Theories, Technologies and (true and false) Myths About Audio Diffusion
Audio and sound diffusion are complex issues: from a technical point of view, because they are intrinsically linked to physics and maths, and from a conceptual point of view, because they require design capabilities, knowledge and study.

Also because the result, or rather, the listening, derives from a subjective point of view. All aspects which make the life of a sound engineer and system’s integrator, rather complicated.

In its 15th edition, AudioForum will therefore be focusing on some theories, technologies to discuss about audio diffusion and acoustics.

AudioForum@IFSEA will therefore be an opportunity to discuss and meet with the speakers, experts, colleagues who will be at the event.

Presentation will be held on 16 th May from 2.00pm to 5.00pm in room Amber 3, on level 2 of BITEC.

Register online to reserve your seat: www.eventbrite.it

The full programme list of all tracks, seminars and presentations can be found here: www.infocomm-sea.com