IFI: QSC To Present Q-SYS Core 110f Processor

The Q-SYS Core 110f Processor is an ideal solution for meeting rooms of all sizes including small to medium-sized conference rooms, huddle rooms and multipurpose rooms, and is designed to be standardized across a global organization.


The Core 110f has a total of 24 configurable analog I/O + USB, POTS and VoIP simultaneously in a single rack space, single SKU. This makes the Core 110f the best cost-to-I/O ratio in a single chassis product available on the market today. The processor includes 8 balanced analog microphone/line level audio inputs and outputs and a fixed 8×8 analog audio I/O. It also offers a unique feature of 8 software definable balanced analog audio input/output Flex Channels, where each channel can be independently configured during design or run time as either a microphone/line level input or a microphone/line level output.

The Core 110f is built on the Q-SYS Platform, an integrated audio, video and control platform. Q-SYS uniquely leverages the power of Intel™ processing, the security and extensibility of a Linux™ real-time operating system, and the interoperability of IEEE networking standards to deliver an open and IT-friendly eco-system. The capabilities of Q-SYS software-based processing and control transcends the limitations found in single purpose hardware-based products.