Hewshott International has announced their passing of the annual ISO9001 audit and have been awarded the new ISO9001:2015 certificate.


Hewshott was first assessed under ISO9001:2000 in 2005 and passed first time. Since then the company has maintained the ISO9001 registration as the standards have been refined over the years. The company has passed the rigorous assessments that are undertaken to achieve the 2008 standard, and in September 2018, the stringent 2015 assessment was undertaken.

Hewshott has a strong commitment to quality control and this was identified very soon after the company’s formation in 2002. ISO 9001 standards are method of formalising this under an international quality control process, and applies to every piece of work the company undertakes.

Although was assessed on their our AV work in 2005, they have adapted and been
assessed for both acoustics and for IT, the three disciplines that Hewshott provides

Peter Hunt, Hewshott’s founder CEO said, “I have attended every audit since 2005, and I am very pleased that, as the company has grown around the world, our standards have been maintained. We will continue to grow, and one of the key elements that governs our growth is adherence to this standard. Together with our independence in the market, it is a fundamental part of our operation.”