Guests invited to the event mingling before the behind-the-scenes tour

Themed – From Singapore To Singaporean: The Bicentennial Experience, the showcase that includes exhibits, live performances and multimedia elements opened to the public on 1st June with its run to end on 15th September.


“The Singapore Bicentennial multimedia showcase at Fort Canning Centre is meant to inspire Singaporeans to think about how the country’s history affects the present,” said Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat at a press conference held in May.

The Singapore Bicentennial Office that was responsible for the concept and content expects to draw 300,000 visitors to the show during its run.

Broadcast Professional Pte Ltd together with the Singapore Bicentennial Office, Kingsmen Pte Ltd and CTRL FRE@K, organised an exclusive ‘Entertainment Technology Industry Event’ on 8th July 2019. All the parties played a part in the multimedia aspect of the show and took the opportunity to invite a mix of guests from consultants, attractions organisations, production personnel as well as partners to see and experience the show and the technologies deployed.

The event saw a solid turnout with the crème de la crème saved for the last part, which was a guided behind-the-scenes tour. Attendees chose to follow one of the following tours: Audio and Show Control, Lighting, or Video Content and Hardware. The tours touched on the technical challenges and how they were overcome despite structural and concept constraints and why certain solutions were chosen.

Guests in the lighting tour hearing about the unique challenges the team faced

It was indeed an eye-opening tour that highlighted how bringing a concept to reality requires creativity, tons of research and the right partners coming together.

Joe Fong, Deputy Managing Director of Broadcast Professional Pte Ltd, that was responsible for the integration of the AV and lighting systems, highlights, “We are pleased to have been involved in this national project.”

Part of the team involved in the Bicentennial Experience

He adds,”It’s an honour working with Kenny Wong, the Technical Director, bringing over 700 years of Singapore’s rich history through theatrical, multimedia and experiential visual effects to every visitor.”