The VuePix Infiled team partnered with the creative team at Entwined to deliver an interactive digital signage platform for the brand new store of nextra at the Queen Street mall in Brisbane, Australia.

Entwined were engaged to help transform the nextra store into an exciting interactive retail space.

The whole concept was to deliver a unique customer experience, draw the attention of the passing by foot traffic and engage the store’s visitors in the ‘Game’ with dynamic entertaining content.

Cameron Hanns, Director at Entwined, said: “This project was yet again another exciting opportunity for Entwined to flex our creative muscles, working with our partners at VuePix to provide this unique and dynamic very ‘Extra Nextra’! Working to a tight deadline we were defiantly able to achieve the brief put to us.”

“You cannot help to stop and look at these screens”.

A few different LED and LCD displays were combined into one digital signage platform. The LED arch welcoming the customers into the store was created from VuePix Infiled E4.6 outdoor panels. It is used mainly for retail advertising, running through the latest promotions and drawing patron’s attention to the exciting gaming opportunities.

The LED display inside the store, located in between the entrance and the serving counters, consists of VuePix Infiled ER2 indoor panels. With its size of 3m wide x 2m tall, it offers a perfect real estate to run any kind of promotion and advertising for the products and brands available within the nextra  store.

“This was an exciting opportunity for us to partner once again with Entwined to deliver a unique customer experience with matching content being displayed on two different types of screens at the same time.” commented Nathan Wright, VuePix Infiled Product Manager at ULA Group. “The ease of the service and installation of our ER series made this product a perfect choice for this application.”