Exterity Extends Integrated IP Video & Digital Signage Portfolio

The new features in AvediaServer 7.6, ArtioSign, ArtioPortal and AvediaPlayer r93xx Receivers provide even greater flexibility, creativity and control.


Exterity: AvediaServer V7.6 / AvediaPlayer r93xx Receivers V5.3

Exterity announced that it has extended its core product portfolio with a host of new functionality that makes it even easier to create, manage and deploy dynamic, integrated IP video and signage content.

Targeting organizations in a variety of sectors, including education, corporate & finance, hospitality, media, stadiums and transport, the newly expanded solutions provide features that can be tailored to current and upcoming requirements.

“With these latest product updates, we are taking the flexibility, creativity and breadth of functionality of our end-to-end solution a step further,” said Colin Farquhar, CEO at Exterity.

Key new features includes:

  • Refreshed User Interface – the new interface of Exterity’s AvediaServer provides a more modern look and feel, alongside a consistent set of app and control icons.
  • ArtioSign Create App – brand new to AvediaServer, the app enables the easy development of impactful digital signage, with an intuitive, drag-and-drop graphical user interface, templates and more.
  • ArtioPortal Updates – the middleware platform has been expanded to provide user-friendly and easily tailored features such as the ability to change screen backgrounds; continue viewing a channel while browsing the Electronic Program Guide (EPG); as well as integration with NETx Automation Building Management Systems (BMS), which enables in-room lighting, temperature and blinds to be controlled via ArtioPortal on mobile devices.
  • Projector Control App – developed for administrators that use AvediaServer 7.6 in conjunction with AvediaPlayer r93xx V5.3 Receivers, the app enables the central management of video content displayed via projectors. In addition, users can automatically change the content source of individual or groups of projectors, and monitor bulb and filter life remotely via the app.
  • Accelerated Channel Change – the feature combining AvediaPlayer r93xx V5.3 Receivers with AvediaStream Transcoder enables sub 500ms channel changes.

Availability: Now.