Benetton has equipped its two flagships in Callao (Madrid) and Portal del Ángel (Barcelona) with the MIMO88SG. This product allows to drive music to several zones and to control the volume remotely. This year, Benetton’s new stores have been fitted only with ECLER products.

The AUDEO103 loudspeaker cabinet model is used for the small stores and AUDEO106 for the larger ones. The AUDEOSB110 sub-bass is always strategically placed to extend evenly the low frequencies, creating a surround sound atmosphere that contributes to prolong the customer’s sensory experience.

HSA series amplifiers have been installed to feed the loudspeakers. The AUDEO range has been chosen for its elegance and its excellent sound quality.

According to Benetton, ECLER is a partner capable of fulfilling its present and future professional audio needs, offering diverse and premium quality solutions for each moment.