Dynacord has introduced their new mid- to large-sized permanent installations: IPX series multi-channel power amplifiers incorporating OMNEO IP networking architecture and groundbreaking audio performance. IPX series embodies several proprietary amplifier technologies developed by Dynacord engineering.

Precision without compromise
Engineered and manufactured in Germany, the IPX series from Dynacord comprises three 4-channel models and one 8-channel model, offering a power density of 5 kW, 10 kW and even 20 kW from a single amplifier with all channels driven. IPX series amplifiers can cover a wide range of demanding fixed install venues, from concert halls, art centres, theatres, and houses of worship to distributed sound systems in stadiums and entertainment centres.

High installation flexibility and IP network integration
IPX series offers high flexibility for a variety of installation scenarios. This is ensured by several power drive options utilizing Dynacord’s patented VLD (Variable Load Drive) technology as well as the newly developed parallel and bridged parallel operation modes. VLD technology (IPX5:4 and IPX10:8) allows the available output power of 1,250 watts per channel to be used at either 4 or 8 Ohms, or via 70V or 100V lines in direct drive mode.

As installers increasingly utilize existing networks in building infrastructure, relying on IP technology often results in faster system integrations and lower implementation costs — including reduced cabling — for substantial cost savings. The integrated OMNEO interface with a primary and secondary port allows the flawless use of eight channels from a Dante audio network, while remote and supervision parameters run on OCA protocol (AES70), open for third-party integration. Redundancy options include glitch-free and RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol) to suit individual requirements and existing infrastructure.

Advanced power management for reduced costs and flawless performance
The new Eco Rail technology developed by Dynacord helps to reduce overall power consumption up to 50 percent, both protecting the environment and significantly lowering the total cost of ownership, while maintaining high-quality audio and operational safety at all times.

The fully DSP-controlled (Digital Signal Processing), amplifier and power supply constantly monitors up to 280 parameters simultaneously to assure that even under challenging operating conditions such as mains power fluctuations, the IPX series from Dynacord continues to perform at highest possible level, rather than switching into a protect mode and stop operation.

Most sophisticated digital signal processing available
The IPX series offers advanced 96 kHz high-resolution digital signal processing for the highest performance, internal analogue-to-digital conversion with ultra-low latency, and a superior signal-to-noise ratio. The three DSP blocks are split into user, array and speaker processing controls, each featuring a wide range of equalization, delay, level options and even asymmetric filters to adapt to almost any application. Complete remote control and supervision is available via the powerful IRIS-Net software and allows the IPX series to be seamlessly integrated into both existing and new installations.

Model Overview
IPX 5:4 (4 x 1,250 W @ 4 Ω)
IPX 10:8 (8 x 1,250 W @ 4 Ω)
IPX 10:4 (4 x 2,500 W @ 4 Ω)
IPX 20:4 (4 x 5,000 W @ 4 Ω)