When you are responsible for running the power grid, clear information and 24/7 reliability are vital. The Lishui Power Grid Company’s control room has a surface area of over 140 sqm. Scores of people work there. It must run faultlessly 24/7.

Critical information is presented visually, requiring clear, high-contrast images to be visible from any position in the brightly lit room. There is no space for rear projection.

These were the challenges facing Wincomn Technology, dnp’s Partner in China. Wincomn’s successful 7200 x 1800 mm solution was built around dnp Supernova Infinity Screen. The installer specified dnp screens since they can be relied upon to deliver superb optical performance, with high contrast and outstanding brightness, saturation and balance.

As part of the power grid, the customer also needed 24/7 reliability and a long service life. dnp denmark’s screens deliver all that in a maintenance-free, environmentally friendly package, said a Wincomn spokesperson.

“What’s more, using dnp Supernova Infinity Screen means we can install a system with minimal energy requirements – another important factor for a forward-looking power company.”

Wincomn’s solution enables the full exploitation of Christie’s BoldColor and RealBlack technologies. Even in the very brightly lit control room, images are always bold and clear. They’re also richer and high-definition which is important since the display is used for data analysis, training and exhibitions as well as presenting critical information.