Racegoers at Tokyo racecourse expect to be able to see clear, bright images of live racing and betting data displayed in the concourse. The Japan Racing Association (JRA) wanted a better system, and asked KIC Corporation to match a screen to high-spec projectors.


JRA’s Tokyo racecourse is the country’s premier venue for the sport. They wanted to replace the existing display system in the main concourse to overcome the problems of low definition and insufficient brightness. The relatively dim lighting required in the concourse was felt to be undesirable for such a venue.

JRA had already settled on a pair of high-spec Panasonic projectors when they contacted installer KIC Corporation for advice on a suitable screen. They needed high contrast, brightness and definition to deliver images that would satisfy demanding bettors and spectators.

KIC recommended a dnp Supernova Screen because of its ability to offer high contrast even at extreme viewing angles – qualities that have put the screen among the few to have earned ISF certification. “They also enable you to use multiple projectors to create bigger high-resolution images without risking visible overlap,” says KIC. “Furthermore, the screen is physically easy to manage, which helped us when we built in additional protection against the effects of possible earthquakes.”

The projectors and screen are well matched for performance and quality. The system displays live horseracing, results, odds and pay-out information with the clarity and brightness that racegoers demand.

JRA comments: “The new projection system provides high-contrast, high-definition images that clearly show the number information for a fast-running horse, even under brighter lighting conditions.”